Participation and management

Depending on the timing of accession and the participant aspiration there may be two major types of membership:

General research program including allocation of the reactor resource to the key participants per their share and drafting multilateral research topics will be under the authority of the Advisory Board which will include representatives of key members, associated members, representatives of the operator and independent experts from leading research institutions and other related international organizations.

IRC MBIR Council is the highest governing body consisting of representatives from key participants and strategic associated members.

The advisory board is headed by a Chairman appointed by the Governing Council. The advisory board consists of the Bureau, thematic Sections, the Panel of Independent Experts and the Secretariat. The Presidium includes representatives of all participants, one from an individual or a consortium (including multilateral programs), from the operating organization and from a group of independent experts.

Sections are formed by the main research groups. The expert group includes representatives of leading scientific institutions and other industry organizations, including international ones, and carry out an independent expert evaluation of proposals for the research program, as well as advising the Governing Council on issues of a technical, legal, administrative, and international nature.

Management structure under the consortium agreement