29 September 2021

At the 65th Anniversary IAEA General Conference, representatives of the scientific division of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation in conjunction with Rusatom Overseas organized the side event “Nuclear Science and Technology - where high living standards begin”. The event was attended by Vasily Konstantinov, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation Director in International Scientific and Technical Projects.

Ekaterina Solntseva, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Counselor of Private University “Science and Innovations”, delivered to the world community a presentation on the progress of the IRC’s project on the basis of the MBIR reactor. She spoke about the experimental capabilities of the reactor, which allow not only to carry out a full cycle of research of promising materials and equipment for IV Gen reactor technologies, but also to simultaneously carry out a wide range of work in the field of non-energy applications. In particular, to produce radioisotopes and modified materials, to conduct medical and basic research.

The presentation of the MBIR project became one of the most attended events of the day at the General Conference. During the discussion, foreign experts inquired about conditions for joining the project at different implementation stages. Russian and foreign partners can access the MBIR project through IRC MBIR Consortium, a unique legal platform in the Russian market and among research projects.

During the presentation, it was emphasized that if participants join the Consortium at the construction stage, they receive not only advantages of using new technologies for scientific research, but also significant financial and economic benefits.

The expansion of the program to international level can be successful through multiple joint experiments in collaboration with scientists and experts from over the words, which allows setting global trends and accelerating the development of fast neutron nuclear reactors.

Besides being a unique international platform to strengthen engineering, scientific and technical cooperation, the MBIR facility will become the center for developing atomic competences in the field of the fast neutron reactors.

“Today we establish the International Research Center on the basis of the MBIR facility, where Russian and foreign scientists will be able to work jointly. Rosatom demonstrates readiness for and openness toward cooperation with international partners. So active negotiations with France, China and other countries, who intensively develop zero-emission clean nuclear energy, are underway,” emphasized Vasily Konstantinov.

As the green agenda and sustainability objectives are of great relevance, Rosatom provides foreign partners access to the unique experimental capabilities of the MBIR reactor in order to provide the world with modern, carbon-free and safe nuclear energy.

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