14 April 2022

Reactor Vessel for Multipurpose Fast neutron research reactor MBIR was successfully delivered to the SSC RIAR site (part of the Scientific Division of Rosatom State Corporation – JSC “Science and Innovations”).

Manufactured by specialists from Rosatom's engineering division, the reactor vessel is a unique thin-walled product 12 metres long, 4 metres in diameter and weighing more than 83 tonnes. Special equipment developed by specialists at Atommash, a branch of JSC AEM-technology in Volgodonsk, was used to maintain exact parameters throughout the production process.

“The unique capabilities of the facility will make it possible to justify technologies for two-component nuclear energy system and closing the fuel cycle. The main purpose of MBIR is to conduct reactor tests of innovative structural and fuel core materials for the Generation IV nuclear power systems, including fast-neutron reactors and low- and medium-power thermal reactors”, said Director of SSC RIAR Alexander Tuzov.

Today, more than 1,500 workers and engineers are working at the construction site, and around 100 units of equipment are involved. The work is being carried out on all blocks of the main and auxiliary buildings and structures. This year, the plan is to install the reactor vessel in its designed position. “Thanks to the coordinated work of the customer under the leadership of Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investment, State Construction Supervision and State Expertise of Rosatom State Corporation, and members of the MBIR construction consortium based at ASCAP, the delivery of components to the site and construction work is proceeding without failing. The implementation of high-tech innovations and best management practices at the project, of course, plays a big role for effective progress within the ambitious timeframe,” said Sergey Kiverov, SSC RIAR Deputy Director for Facilities under Construction and MBIR Construction Project Manager.

For reference:

MBIR is a multi-purpose fast neutron research reactor of the Generation Ⅳ. Once commissioned, it will be the most powerful (150 MW) operating research reactor in the world. It will allow to implement unique reactor and post-reactor experiments, and the refinement of technologies for producing isotopes and modified materials. The work is being carried out as a part of the federal project “Creation of a modern experimental and bench-top facility for the development of two-component nuclear energy system with a closed nuclear fuel cycle”, included in the Complex Program “Development of Equipment, Technology and Research in the Use of Atomic Energy in the Russian Federation until 2024” (CP RTTN). MBIR is expected to replace the BOR-60 reactor, which is in wide demand today and has been operating at the site of SSC RIAR for more than half a century. The new reactor will provide the nuclear industry with technologically advanced research infrastructure for the next 50 years.

BIM modelling and lean production technologies have been implemented and are in operation on the MBIR construction site. A system of change indices and reliable determination of estimated cost of works using OIAE information modelling technologies is in operation. Integrated remote monitoring tools are used at the construction site: high-resolution satellite imagery, including from drones, and laser scanning.

 Source: Rosatom State Corporation


  • The MBIR research reactor vessel was delivered to the SSC RIAR site
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  • The MBIR research reactor vessel was delivered to the SSC RIAR site
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