12 March 2019

According to the plan, the launch of the multipurpose fast neutron research reactor (MBIR) in Dimitrovgrad is scheduled for 2024, full-scale studies are planned to start in 2025, said Rustem Davlyatshin, Minister of Digital Economy and Competition of the Ulyanovsk Region, in a report prepared for the Regional Legislative Assembly.

Earlier, a representative of the Center for the Development of the Nuclear Innovation Cluster said that MBIR is supposed to be commissioned by 2022.

“At the beginning of 2019, the Rosatom machine-building division will complete the shipment of the elements of the MBIR research reactor vessel. During 2019, the work on assembling elements of the reactor vessel will be performed at the MBIR site. It is planned to continue the key stages of construction, manufacturing, supply, and installation of equipment,” Davlyatshin said.

According to the ministry, in the framework of the Federal Target Program “Nuclear Power Technologies of the New Generation” in 2019-2020 more than 5.5 billion rubles will be allocated for the construction of MBIR, and in general, the cost of building a research complex with a reactor will be approximately 60 billion rubles.

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