10 May 2020
The general directors of the Isotope Regional Alliance and Consortium Leader of MBIR Reactor International Research Centre signed an agreement on long-term cooperation. The document was signed by the general directors of the companies Kushnarev Maxim and Pastukhov Sergei. Preparation of the agreement was carried out remotely and was implemented in a short time as part of updating the comprehensive strategy of the isotope business of ROSATOM.
The goal of the cooperation is the development of technologies for the production of new radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals and participation in the implementation of fundamental, exploratory, and applied scientific research. The priority areas of cooperation should be the formation of innovative infrastructure, the examination of scientific and technical projects, as well as international scientific and technical cooperation. In the process of implementing the agreement, it is planned to focus on the integration of fundamental and applied scientific research, including in the field of nuclear medicine in the interests of the development of the nuclear industry, expanding the use of available scientific and scientific and technical results to create an advanced reserve and develop promising technologies in areas of joint scientific research.
“Our key task is to conduct scientific research and produce isotopic products on the basis of the MBIR multipurpose fast neutron research reactor being built at the SSC RIAR (Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region),” noted Sergey Pastukhov. “We are confident that this cooperation will make a significant contribution to the domestic isotope industry and will further develop our competencies. "
The agreement is intended to become an important stage in the development of the isotope complex of ROSATOM, as it is aimed at accelerating the development of breakthrough areas of science and technology, namely, modern production of isotope products, radiation technology, as well as general and medical equipment. The agreement confirms a common understanding of the extremely important role of science and technology in ensuring sustainable, dynamic, and balanced development of the nuclear industry. The scientific and technological objectives stated in the agreement are designed to ensure synergy with the new program "Development of technology, technology, and research in the field of atomic energy use."

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