16 August 2019

Hydraulic tests of the MBIR reactor vessel were conducted successfully in Volgodonsk by JSC AEM-t and JSC NIKIET in August 2019.

In accordance with the production program and procedures, a hydraulic test bench (Pic. 1) was used for the tests with readings of strain gage and of thermal sensor (Pic. 2).

All the programmed vessel loading modes were performed. No leaks, metal ruptures or visible residual strains were detected. The reactor vessel underwent successfully the hydraulic testing and was checked for being leak-proof. The vessel’s stressed-strained state in the hydraulic test modes was recorded by experts of JSC NPO TsKTI, with the recorded readings showing stresses to be much below the permissible values.

The hydraulic tests of the vessel were conducted with the supervision by JSC NIKIET experts (Pic. 3).


  • Pic. 1. Reactor vessel ready for testing on the hydraulic test bench
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  • Pic. 2. Strain gage attachments and cable runs on the MBIR vessel
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  • Pic. 3. Seen near the MBIR reactor vessel on the hydraulic test bench following the successful testing are (from right to left): I.T. Tretiakov, MBIR chief designer (JSC NIKIET); N.V. Smetanin, MBIR reactor vessel manufacturing project leader (JSC AEM-t);
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