15 April 2022

The world’s most powerful fast-neutron reactor vessel has been delivered to the Ulyanovsk Region. After its commissioning, our scientists will open a door to the XXII century.

It seems not that big, at least, as you can imagine the world’s most powerful reactor. However, it is just against the backdrop of the enormous enterprise facilities! The whole research facility weighs eighty-three tons. And it is only the vessel! Not taking into account the most important: internals, mechanisms, and wiring.

MBIR is the most powerful research reactor in the world. It will help our scientists to advance a few steps further. They will even be able to master the technologies of the XXII century. First of all, in medical science. For example, neutron treatment of various diseases. 

“The problem lies in the selection of the neutron source and the arrangement of their absorption, for example, at the depth of eight centimeters of your body,” said Dmitry Klinov, Deputy Scientific Coordinator for Promising Topics at IPPE. “MBIR is a great source for such neutrons that can be used — if not for treatment — at the very least for the search of the optimal medical, or even therapeutic we should say, treatment beam.”

Also, the reactor will be used for the development of nuclear technologies, space discovery, biology, and agricultural sciences. The plant that created the research reactor is working hard now. The thinnest stainless steel elements. Strict accuracy criteria! Production with zero margin for error. Another difficult task is to transfer the reactor for a thousand kilometers! It has been delivered to the site of the research center. 

The giant reactor will be carried over the walls by a crane. It is hard to imagine, for now. The construction is ahead of schedule now, which is why this autumn is when the heart of the whole enterprise will be put in its place. 

The facility will be commissioned a few years later. The advanced studies program is approved for years starting with 2028. 

“I always compare this to the creation of the international space station,” said Aleksandr Tuzov, Director of SSC RIAR of Rosatom State Corporation. “It is a milestone event! The commissioning of this reactor will be a landmark for the whole country! We see the huge interest of our colleagues, and the exchange of knowledge goes on. Our foreign colleagues, I hope, are very envious of it now!”    

Today, our foreign colleagues carry out most of their research in the field of nuclear technologies in Russia, here, in Dimitrovgrad, with the MBIR’s predecessor — Bor-60.

The enterprise was launched in 1969. It is clear to everyone that this equipment is 50 years of age now. But it has been modernized, so now it is capable of performing the most advanced tasks.

The life cycle of Bor-60 is coming to an end. This facility will become a museum very soon. And with MBIR, the world’s most powerful reactor created in Russia, we will follow in the footsteps of Soviet atomic scientists. 

  Source: REN TV

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