5 December 2020

On December 4, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov met with the General Director of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" Alexey Likhachev and examined the progress of the work.

“Creation of a Multipurpose Fast Breeder Research Reactor at the SSC RIAR site is a project for the long-term development of the experimental potential of the domestic nuclear industry, which will allow Russia to provide leadership in the development of innovative reactor technologies. MBIR is included in the ICERR structure, that is, it is recorded as an experimental base under the auspices of the IAEA. Safety and environmental issues are of paramount importance in any nuclear construction,” stressed Alexey Likhachev. He also noted that the state examination carried out by Rosprirodnadzor confirmed the environmental friendliness of construction, compliance with all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental protection.

MBIR is called upon to preserve and develop the research reactor base of nuclear power, to become an international scientific platform, the pool of foreign participants in which is constantly growing. The developments, thanks to which the innovative project will be implemented, will become the basis for the creation of new competitive and safe nuclear power plants. MBIR will become a platform uniting the world scientific community. It is assumed that dozens of leading scientists from all over the world, including young ones, will simultaneously work at the reactor. Therefore, now at the stage of laying the foundation for a new reactor, options for creating the MBIR infrastructure are being worked out.

“Dimitrovgrad once again confirms its title of a science city. We expect young scientists from all over the country to come here to work. Therefore, we will continue to actively engage in creating a comfortable infrastructure for the city. In general, more than 1.6 billion rubles will be allocated from the regional budget to improve the quality of life of Dimitrovgrad residents and the socio-economic development of the city of nuclear scientists in 2021. This includes program financing for the development of the education system, sports, culture, as well as the design, construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of highways. More than 100 million rubles are planned to be allocated for the improvement of common areas and courtyards alone,” said Governor Sergei Morozov.

At present, social infrastructure is actively developing in Dimitrovgrad, a complex of socially oriented projects has been implemented. This is how a modern library intellectual center was created on the basis of the library on the street. Kurchatova, 1, equipped with modern equipment and comfortable halls, reconstructed and technically equipped stadium "Stroitel", (Builder) intended for sports competitions and training sessions, created an educational complex "Modern Education", which includes educational institutions, institutions of additional and professional education, as well as the Center for Youth Innovative Creativity (CYIT) "Progress", which helps to increase the interest of young people in technical creativity, innovative engineering and scientific activities.

In just four months since the resumption of the construction of the MBIR reactor, access roads were made, the outer walls and ceilings of some of the facilities were concreted, a temporary reinforcement shop was mounted, and backfilling of the pit of the main reactor building was completed. To fulfill the construction program for the current period - December 2020 - the site is fully provided. 528 builders are involved, including engineering and technical personnel, more than 40 units of special equipment are in operation. In 2021, about 1,500 people will work on the construction site. In accordance with the concluded general contracting agreement, the production system of Rosatom was introduced at the facility - a culture of lean production and a system of continuous improvement of processes to ensure a competitive advantage at the global level. Thanks to detailed plans and work schedules, production is monitored on a daily basis, within the framework of construction monitoring, indicators of each working day are provided.

“For the Ulyanovsk region, the construction of MBIR means not only a colossal investment contribution to the development of the territory, but Rosatom is today one of the largest taxpayers and employers in the region. Today the enterprise SSC "RIAR" demonstrates steady growth rates of the average wages - about 26%, in absolute terms it is 77 thousand rubles. In addition, this is the strengthening of the status of the region of breakthrough technologies and new jobs for the second most important city in the region, and, accordingly, the development of educational programs in the nuclear direction. Today, specialists for the industry in the region are trained at once by three universities - the MEPhI branch in Dimitrovgrad, the Ulyanovsk State Technical University, and the region's flagship university. We understand that the training of highly qualified personnel begins at school age, so this year Quantorium began its work in Dimitrovgrad, which also became a resident of the region's nuclear innovation cluster,” said the head of the regional cabinet Alexander Smekalin.

The nuclear innovation cluster of Dimitrovgrad is included in the list of pilot programs for the development of innovative territorial clusters in Russia, as well as among the winners of the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation “Development of innovative clusters - leaders in the investment attractiveness of the world level”. Today it includes 70 organizations, the total revenue of which exceeds 12 billion rubles, and the total volume of research and development work is close to 4 billion rubles.



  • Construction of a nuclear research facility continues in Dimitrovgrad
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  • Construction of a nuclear research facility continues in Dimitrovgrad
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  • Construction of a nuclear research facility continues in Dimitrovgrad
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  • Construction of a nuclear research facility continues in Dimitrovgrad
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  • Construction of a nuclear research facility continues in Dimitrovgrad
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  • Construction of a nuclear research facility continues in Dimitrovgrad
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  • Construction of a nuclear research facility continues in Dimitrovgrad
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