There will be various forms of participation, depending on the depth of engagement and entry date.

The general research program, including the distribution of participants' resources and the formation of multilateral programs, will be formed by the Advisory Council, which will include representatives of the founding members of the IRC, permanent participants of multilateral programs, representatives of the operating organization and independent experts representing leading scientific institutions and industry-specific regional and international organizations.


  • The consortium agreement defines the relationship between the participants and secures a share in the reactor resource (neutron flux), depending on the contribution of the partner.
  • Associate members and main participants have to join the Consortium and accept its rules to conclude an irradiation services contract.
  • IRC MBIR Consortium Leader is responsible for financing the difference between the cost of the reactor and the raised funding from the participants of the Consortium.

Key reasons to join IRC MBIR

  • Reactor complex MBIR is a unique tool for future technologies and experimental studies to improve the present technologies.
  • Merging financial and scientific resources will improve the efficiency of all the parties involved.
  • Cost-sharing via international syndicate provides the best value for money vs. a national research reactor and saving on the national infrastructure required to build and operate a research reactor.
  • The first to come will be the first to define the equipping and prioritizing the research areas.
  • A platform for knowledge sharing via joint research may be established.
  • Research institutions with aging reactors will have an opportunity for continuous research if their reactors are shut down and will get extra time for strategic decisions on a replacement option.
  • The operator has 60 years of experience in research reactor exploitation. This fact guarantees the safe performance of the reactor during experiments execution.


Thesaurus of the International Nuclear Information System for corporate communication between IRC members:  INIS Thesaurus